First blog post

This is the image every person should after dealing with a cartasopher in their homes.Some Restoration company tend to forget the big picture and that’s giving a person piece of mind during their unfortunate time. 


Dry Standard Restoration LLC. Makes that our priority as a matter of fact it’s out number one priority.  Dry Standard Restoration LLC. Believe in providing more than one option when it comes to your restoration needs with giving up front cost and communication with the best customer service satisfaction guaranteed. Ask about our free inspection by visiting us

Service Areas are 

Tampa and surrounding Hillsborough County 

St. Petersburg and surrounding Pinellas County 

Sarasota and surrounding Manatee County 

Fort Myers and surrounding Lee County 

Bigger is not always better….

We have been introduced to several homeowners you cannot understand as to why they were having surface more out their entire home. Why do an inspection we realize that the homeowners had purchased a new AC unit. It was told to them bigger than unit the better. The reason that is not true it’s because the AC unit is only running for short period of time not allowing the unit enough time to bring down the humidity inside their homes. Mold loves this…. it’s the breathing for this stuff. Ensure at all this the humidity in you home is where it needs to be to prevent unwanted mold damage.